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This may appear a bit surprising to you but very beneficial; as a matter of urgency, I am desperately looking for a foreign partner whom I can trust to handle some investment or fund movement. I am MRS. MARIA KANTE.wife of the late MR JOHN MARTINS KANTE, who was murdered by the Zimbabwean veterans and sponsored assassins of the tyrant Robert Mugabe. I got your address from the consultancy directory during my search for a reliable and honest person to transact this business with.
I write to solicit for your special assistance to a family shattered by a tyrannical government led by a dictator and his ZANU-PF ruling party president Robert Mugabe. Because of land and farmland crisis in Zimbabwe, the government secretly sponsored the war veterans and some irrate party members to dispossess the land being occupied by white farmers.
This action led to the killing of some members of the opposition party. The MDC including my husband (JOHN KANTE.), who did not support this ill-fated action. But before the death of husband, he anticipated some dangers, and so he deposited the sum of US$25 Million (Twenty Five Million United States Dollars) in the name of our only son oseph ・at a reputable security company in South Africa with the intention of using it to open a fertiliser manufacturing company among other companies in our neighbouring country (Swaziland) after his University Education.
The war veterans and some supporters of ZANU-PF ruling party trooped into our compound and axed him (my husband) to death. Since then, they have been terrorising my only son JOSEPHE KANTE. But he managed to escape to a neighbouring country, South Africa, as a political asylum seeker (refugee). My two daughters and I are right now in the Republic of South Africa as refugees because of this social, political and economic crisis in my country (Zimbabwe) which deteriorates everyday especially after this recent visit of the US President G.W. Bush to Africa and condemned the Mugabe regime.
Also, there are massive arrests and five years of detainees on all of the Protestants and the MDC supporters as ordered by President Robert Mugabe. Consequently, our status / position here in South Africa does not permit us to open an account or run any huge financial business. That is why I want this fund to be transferred out of the African Continent (before it is frozen by the roaring lion of the tyrant Robert Mugabe regime), into your private / company account so that you will assist us to invest it in your country.

But before we continue with this transaction, we would have to sign an agreement for our protection and rights. Also,
I wish to inform you that this transaction is NOT CHILD担 PLAY, and it is 100% real and risk free and being assisted by an international business law firm based here in South Africa and we are looking forward to employing the services of another law firm in the USA to prove its transparency and legitimacy and to avoid all and any interceptions by the internal, international and multinational monetary bodies. Hence, if you agree to assist us, we will offer you 20% of the money or for your assistance, 10% will be for the possible expenses incurred in the process of this transaction, while 70% will be for our family investment(s) in your country through your assistance.
NOTE: On your response, you shall be introduced to the international business law firm based here in Johannesburg, South Africa and a top South African Reserve Bank (SARB) Director, who are assisting my family in this transaction for any queries / demands for due clarifications. Also, all the related documents to this transaction including the certificates that cover this money, from both the Security Company, International and national Monetary laws and clearance documents from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to prove the legality, existence, transparency, drug free and risk free of this transaction is safe custody with the law firm.
You can as well read more about the crisis in my country and about the situation. NOTE: you have no risk to bear or questions to answer now and after the realisation of the transaction because it is absolutely safe and secured. Whenever you call me use (Tel: +**-8**-****-***. Fax: + **-**-***-***.) you would either get me or my son oseph ・only on the line. So, whoever is on the line at the time of your call, feel free to air your views. God bless you and your family. Thanks


⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃訳文



私はMRSです。前のMR JOHN MARTINS KANTE(この人は、専制者ロバート・ムガベのジンバブエのベテランおよび支持された暗殺者によって殺害された)のMARIA KANTE.wife。
私の夫(JOHN KANTE。)(この人はこの不運なアクションを支援しなかった)を含むMDC。
その時以来、それらは私の一人息子JOSEPHE KANTEを脅迫しています。

さらに、Iは、この処理がNOT CHILD担PLAYであるとあなたに通知したい。
また、それは100%本当です、そして信用リスクがない、またここ南アフリカに本拠がある国際ビジネス法律事務所によって支援される、また、私たちは、アメリカでその透明と合法性を証明し、かつ内部貨幣の身体、国際的な身体および多国籍の身体によってすべておよびどんな遮断も回避するために別の法律事務所のサービスを使用することを期待しています。従って、あなたが私たちを支援することに合意すれば、私たちはあなたにお金の20%を提供するでしょう。あるいは、あなたの援助については、10%が、この処理の過程で必要とされた可能な経費向けでしょう。その一方で70%はあなたの援助を通じてあなたの祖国への私たちの家族投資向けかもしれません。注:応答においては、ここヨハネスブルグ、南アフリカおよびトップの南アフリカの準備銀行(SARB)管理者(彼らは、正当の解明のための任意の質問/要求のためのこの処理で私の家族を支援している)に本拠がある国際ビジネス法律事務所に紹介されるでしょう。さらに、この処理への関連するドキュメントがすべて証明書を含んでいること、それは適法性を証明する南アフリカの準備銀行(SARB)からの両方のセキュリティー会社、インターナショナル、およ・ス・スム全国貨幣の法則およびクリアランス・ドキュメントから、このお金を保護する、存在、透明、この処理がなくと信用リスクがない薬は法律事務所との保護預りです。私の祖国における危機に関して、および状況に関してよくもっと読まれるようにできます。注:それが絶対に安全で安全になるので、運ぶ危険あるいは今と処理の実現の後に答える質問がありません。私を使用(電話番号: +**-8**-****-***。ファックス: +**-**-***-***。)と呼ぶ場合は常に、私あるいはライン上の私の息子oseph・onlyを得るでしょう。したがって、誰が、あなたの呼び出しの時のライン上にいても、自由に見解を放映してください。神はあなたとあなたの家族を祝福しますように。


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